Friday, June 4, 2010

Miryo Is Sorry For Her Voting Flub

June 2nd was the local elections day in Korea. Stars made it a point to get out and vote... and get their media points for doing so by having their photos taken by the press and also by voluntarily posting up pictures of themselves at different election sites on their personal twitter sites. One star in particular, Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls, received a lot of heat for posting up a picture of herself with the ballots on voting grounds. It is against the law to film or take pictures of election ballots.

The singer has been receiving a lot of criticism from netizens that she was rather foolish for taking pictures of herself in the election booth. However, it appears that she will be getting off without any consequences. Her rep said that after verification with the National Elections Commission, Miryo won't be facing any charges due to the fact that she meant no harm and because her ballots didn't show her selection of candidates. They added that Miryo was incredibly sorry for what she had done.

Source: KBS
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