Friday, June 4, 2010

Shy Sohee Turns Red on Talk Show

Sohee, a member of the girl group Wonder Girls, turned into a "kimchi dumpling" on the KBS-2TV talk show "Win Win" on Tuesday. Sohee, whose nickname is "dumpling" due to her plump cheeks, is naturally shy and finds cracking jokes on entertainment shows extremely difficult.

MC Kim Seung-wu pointed out that the Wonder Girls are strong when united but each member's individual presence is rather weak.

△Entertainment-shy Sohee turns red

Sunye admitted, "Unlike other girl groups, our members don't really have individual gigs. We're not funny on entertainment shows and we all have different areas of interest."

Sohee said, "When I monitor our appearances later, I always find myself standing behind the other girls and the portions when I speak on talk shows are often completely edited out." Sohee said acting is better than having to be funny.

Kim then said, "Sohee, your face is turning red," and assistant MC Tae-yeon said she becomes a "kimchi dumpling."

But Sohee was confident enough to say that she is embarrassed at the other members' comedy skills.

In the show's "Let's Meet Up" corner, the Wonder Girls kept their promise with viewers to jump rope in Samseongdong and had a blast with fans.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

Source: KBS
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