Friday, June 11, 2010

Ye Eun Complains: ‘I Want to Sleep More’

Members of the Wonder Girls voiced complaints toward their producer Park Jin Young, and their honest talk became an issue.

The Wonder Girls appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV's “Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook” that aired on June 4. MC Yu Huiyeol disclosed his acquaintance with Park Jin Young to members and suggested they state complaints about Park Jin Young freely. Ye Eun started to begin complaining by saying, “Do not rebuke us for not studying English. Yesterday, you called me again to say that we have to study by sparing time for even one or two minutes, and I told you that we sleep for only three or four hours a day these days. Then, you argued that even though we are busy, we have time to eat and go to a restroom, and asked us to bring a vocabulary notebook all the time. But, I need to sleep. Please let me sleep longer.”

After listening to Ye Eun’s complaints, So Hee, who used to avoid talking, also said with a frown on her face, “When we make a mistake or do something wrong, we already know it's our fault. But, you always tend to point out our mistakes with exaggeration many times. We know very well.” She laughed with a frown on her face.

Yu Huiyeol sprang to the Wonder Girls members’ defense by saying, “You are such a bad gorilla. Wait until I get my hands on you! You really look like Choi Chi Soo (a character who appears in the cartoon ‘Slam Dunk.’)” What he said created an uproar in the set.

During the program, MC asked personal questions to members of the Wonder Girls. Sun Ye honestly said that she likes 2AM followed by 2PM because her best friend Cho Kwon belongs to 2AM. Yoo Bin also spoke out that Tae Yang in the group Big Bang is her favorite idol singer, which was enough to display her straightforward personality.

The Wonder Girls passionately sang their new song entitled “2 Different Tears,” which has been released recently, and their hit songs such as “Tell me,””So Hot,” and “Nobody,” which have been greatly loved by people.

Writer : Contributing Reporter Roh Ji Won

Source: KBS
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