Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Child Gumiho Finds Out about Her Real Identity

A child is shocked to find out that she is actually a gumiho, or nine-tailed fox, in the summer horror drama 'Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho.'

In the July 12 episode, Yeon-yi (Kim Yoo-jeong) starts to realize that she is a gumiho, becoming thrown into confusion and fear.

Scenes where Yeon-yi turns into a gumiho and her mother tries to find medicine for her

She experiences some incidents that make her suspect that she is different from other children. When she is harassed by a flock of crows, she gives them an angry look, and the birds fly away in fear.

Her mother, the Gumiho (Han Eun-jung), tries to reassure her saying, 'You must have been so frightened that you saw something imaginary.' But she can't deceive her daughter any more when an exorcist (Park Soo-hyun), who is drawn by hunch to her house, sprays a kind of powder and turns Yeon-yi into a gumiho.

Bewildered and afraid, the mother takes Yeon-yi to a room without being spotted. She tells her, 'I will go and find medicine to cure you. You will be ok once you take it, so please stay put here until I return,' and leaves to find a cow liver.

Scenes where Yeon-yi is shocked to see her face turning into a gumiho

Yeon-yi looks in a mirror and sees herself turning into a gumiho. In confusion and fear, she goes to a hill against her mother's instructions.

Returning home, the mother finds Yeon-yi is not in the room and goes out to search for her. She sees her on a tree and asks her to climb down. 'Come down and take this. Then you will turn into a human again,' she says. But Yeon-yi refuses to do so asking why she has to eat such a hideous thing. And she asks, 'Am I a monster?' while crying and talking about all strange things that have happened to her.

Meanwhile, Yun Du-su, who is pursuing the Gumiho and Yeon-yi to save his own daughter, is close to finding them.

'Grudge' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2.

Writer: Roh Ji-won

Source: KBS
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