Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gill: Childhood Dream was Mafia, Gangster

Appearing on the KBS 2TV entertainment show "All-Night Variety Nocturnal" on Sunday, duo band LeeSsang's member Gill made a somewhat shocking revelation.

He said his childhood dream was to join the Mafia or become a gangster. He talked about his father, a police officer for 30 years. Then the whole cast began to talk about the police.

MC Sin Dong-yeob said the police's authority has fallen these days. Gill blamed that on how film directors describe the police as weird and corrupt in movies while the Mafia and gangs are glorified.
Gill said that watching films when young, he dreamed of joining the Mafia, which surprised everyone, especially film director Jang Hang-jun. Gill said, "Movies made me that way. Is is my fault?" Jang answered, "Why don't you go on and sue them?" The debate closed when Gill said, "Directors should be ashamed!"

Boy band CN Blue's Jeong Yong-hwa said he once ended up at the police station in Japan after performing on the street and the band's four members were each locked up in separate cells. Gill asked if Japanese prisons also serve rice with beans and Yun Jong-sin said, "They must serve sushi."

On this episode, the MCs and guests talked about how they see themselves in 30 years. Jeong said his wish is to be listed on the Billboard chart. Yun said his dream is to introduce CN Blue onto the stage, meaning that he longs to be in broadcasting for a very long time. Sin jokingly said, "I wish I'd just be alive for another 30 years."

Writer: Honorary reporter Kim Min-ha

Source: KBS
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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