Friday, July 30, 2010

CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa: First Kissed in 9th Grade

Idol band CN Blue member Jeong Yong-hwa says that his first kiss was in his third year of middle school.

On KBS 2TV's "Happy Birthday" on Monday, MC Lee Su-geun said, "If you went to a co-ed school, you must have kissed during high school."

Jeong surprisingly said, "I actually kissed for the first time in middle school, when I was graduating from middle school and just about to enter high school, to be exact."

CN Blue's Jeong, Lee talk about their first kiss

MC Lee Gyeong-gyu looked somewhat angry because his daughter Yerim is a high school freshman.

CN Blue member Lee Jeong-sin said his first kiss was in his second year of high school. Kim Byeong-se was surprised by the revelations, saying, "I feel a huge generation gap. I first kissed in my mid-20s."

Jeong also said that he was popular among many girls, adding, "Someone posted my picture from my personal home page on an online club from when I began to be known. A girl saw the picture and visited me at my school."

He continued, "During a class, my teacher told me that my cousin was waiting for me outside. I thought it was wierd. I went out and found a girl, a stranger, offering me lemonade and saying that she wanted to see me."

Actor Kim Byeong-se and actress Seonu Yong-yeo were also guests on Happy Birthday.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

Source: KBS
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