Monday, August 2, 2010

Narsha Openly Advertises For Spouse in ‘Invincible Youth’

Narsha, the oldest among the G7 members, openly put out an advertisement for a spouse during filming the program.

In the episode of KBS 2TV “Invincible Youth,” which was aired on July 23, the G7 members continued to experience the traditional Japanese farmhouse in the Biei region following last week’s episode.

Narsha is openly seeking a spouse.

While Narsha was helping the work in the asparagus farm, she said, “It has already become July, but I am still alone. I think that it is time for you to take action for me.” She asked other members to find a suitable man for her. Kim Shin Young willingly agreed to her request and started to advertise for a spouse for her by saying, “Every single man in the farm village, this is the right time for you.” After listening to Shin Young’s advertisement, Narsha added, “Not only single men in Korea, but also those in all around the world and even married men could be considered as long as you apply for it through the board of the ‘Invincible Youth’ website.” Her utterance produced laughter on the set. To finish the advertisement, Narsha drank water with an extraordinarily charismatic force as an adult idol group member, so her behavior made the other members surprised.

Narsha sings the song “Snow Flower” during a performance in Biei village.

In addition, the G7 members held a special concert for the village people in Biei, who greeted them for their last night in Biei. In particular, Narsha sang the song “Snow Flower” translated from Japanese, which has been very popular in Japan, and showcased her splendid singing ability.

In the program, the cast members were divided into two teams, and the team led by Roh Joo Hyun experienced the farm work, and the other team led by Kim Tae Woo experienced caring for farm animals. So, every cast member had a meaningful time in the Japanese farm house while riding horses, taking care of a baby goat, and helping work in the asparagus farm.

Writer: Contributing Reporter Roh Ji Won

Source: KBS
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