Tuesday, July 13, 2010

G7 Members Show Off Charms in Performance

During the heavy snowfall last winter, G7 members had helped soldiers who had been on a mercy mission. This time again, soldiers visited the village to lend a hand to weed a rice paddy, and G7 members presented a surprise performance for the soldiers to boost their morale.

▲ Special performance by G7 members in the episode of “Invincible Youth,” which aired on July 9

As the G7 members consist of the representatives of Korea’s most popular idol girl groups, the performance was full of individual skills and performances. In particular, the youngest member, Goo Ha Ra, began her performance with a cute and adorable dance and then created a stir by presenting a sexy dance.

Narsha, who recently released a solo album and has drawn high expectations, presented her powerful singing ability and successfully finished her performance with refined stage manners. All the members of the group Secret paid a visit to member Sun Hwa and appeared on the stage amidst hearty cheers by the soldiers and presented a splendid performance. Joo Yeon from a group After School and Sun Hwa also showcased a sexy dance and revealed their charms.

▲ G7 showcased powerful dancing and singing

Singer Shin Ji came to the village for Kim Jong Min and introduced herself to the soldiers with a witty comment by saying, “Do not call me ‘old sister,’ and just call me by my name ‘Shin Ji.'” Her characteristic witty introduction created uproar among the audience members. Also, Kim Jong Min disclosed that he paid Shin Ji with his pocket money to make her come to the village, and his utterance created another uproar.

The special episode of “Invincible Youth - G7 member’s visit to military camp,” which presented the different charms of every member, aired on July 9 at 11:05 pm on KBS 2TV.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju

Picture : KBS PR Department

Source: KBS
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