Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Han Eun-jung Once Got in the Wrong Van

Actress Han Eun-jung came out on KBS-2TV's "Happy Together Season 3" on Thursday and talked about her sloppy mistakes, leagues apart from the perfectionist and urbane roles she takes on in dramas.

▲ Han talks about van episode

She said, "I used to live in an area where many celebrities resided. The vans they ride look all identical, either in white or black. One day, upon my manager's call, I came out of the house and got in the van parked outside the door. The van drove for a while until I realized it wasn't my van and I lifted the driver's seat curtain and found a man, not my manager, driving to the airport."

She said the actress who was supposed to be headed to the airport was in her van going to Han's drama film set.

▲ Han speaks about challenging Gumiho disguise

In the new summer horror drama series "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho," Han plays gumiho, the legendary fox with nine tails. Regarding the grueling disguise, she said, "Whenever I put my fox nails on, I want to go to the toilet. I have to be extra careful while pulling my pants down not to damage the nails. But the problem is I can't pull them up again. So I call in my dress assistant for help."

She continued, "I also did the wire stunts myself. I flew grandly in the air but when I came down I felt sore in the area where the wire was holding me up. I couldn't openly talk about the pain with anyone."

Her costars in Grudge, Chang Hyun-sung and Kim Jeong-nan, and comedian Yun Jeong-su were the other guests on Happy Together.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

Source: KBS
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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