Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taeyang cheered on by singer Sean's family

(From left) Korean pop idol Taeyang, Ha-rang, Ha-eum and singer Sean [Sean's Cyworld mini-hompy]

Taeyang of Korean idol group Big Bang, who released his solo album "Solar" last week, was recently cheered on by singer Sean and his two children.

Sean, a member of former hip-hop duo Jinusean, posted a picture on his social networking site Cyworld mini-hompy ( Tuesday morning, which he shot when he took his young son and daughter to see the pop idol.

In the photo, the two singers were seen smiling with each carrying a child in their arms.

The father of three had also written some comments below the photo, which started with "To my loving family Taeyang, Ha-rang, Ha-eum."

Sean explained that upon seeing Taeyang perform, his daughter Ha-eum remarked, "Taeyang oppa [a Korean term used by females when referring to older male figures] is cool!" while Ha-rang held up his index finger and said, "Taeyang hyung-a [used by males when referring to older males], the best!"

Born Noh Seung-hwan, Sean debuted as the rapper of hip-hop duo Jinusean, one of the first groups created by Yang Hyun-suk of agency YG Entertainment.

Jinusean released their debut album "Gasoline" in June 1997, which produced two hit singles -- title track "Gasoline" and "Tell Me" featuring Korean pop singer Uhm Jung-hwa. Their last album as a group was "Norabosae," released November 2004.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album "HOT" in May 2008. The album produced two hit singles "Prayer" and "Look Only at Me".

He also released two digital singles "Wedding Dress" and "Where U At" last November.

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