Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jae Bum Releases New Song in Brave Brother’s Album

Jae Bum (23), who had withdrawn from the group 2PM, released a new song by including his song in an album released by famous music composer Brave Brother.

Jae Bum participated in singing and rapping the song entitled “I Just Want to Cry,” which belongs to Brave Brother’s first album, “The Classic.” The album will be released at the end of this month, but the song “I Just Want to Cry” was released online on August 10 before the album’s official release.

A spokesperson for Brave Brother said on August 6, “As Jae Bum had delivered his intention to participate in producing the album, we worked together and finished recording the song while he was filming the movie ‘Hype Nation.’ Brave Brother marveled at Jae Bum’s rapping and vocals, so we decided to release his song first, then the other singers’ songs.”

Jae Bum also appeared in the music video of the song and acted as a couple with the actress Sung Yoo Ri, and they portrayed ardent love for each other. In the music video’s teaser video, which was released on August 6, Jae Bum and Sung Woo Ri were crying together on the date of August 10, so it has aroused fans’ curiosity. Fans are posting messages on Twitter such as “The song contains Jae Bum’s feelings" and "The date, August 10, is the day when Jae Bum leaves Korea."

Source: KBS
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