Monday, August 2, 2010

Searching For New After School Member

Many people already know that the whole concept behind the girl group After School is that they accept new members and graduate some of the older members as time goes by. Starting with Uee in 2009, Reina soon joined after, followed by Nana, and then most recently Lizzy. Well, auditions are being held to admit a new member!

The official website for the auditions was opened on July 30th at 7 PM. After School's entertainment company announced that when a final group of auditioners are chosen, they will then undergo the necessary training before the best member is chosen to debut. The company added that it hasn't even been finalized whether the group will necessarily then embark as a nine-membered group.

Applications for people interested in auditioning will be accepted through Naver's Me2day until August 16th. Once all the applicants are filtered through, the next round of finalists will then have to audition on August 21st. The final group from there will be the ones to start their hard-core training to hopefully become the next member of After School!

Source: KBS
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