Thursday, September 9, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Boy band SHINee - Part 1

From left, SHINee members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Taemin and Key. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

"Buy version A of our album as well. (laugh) We took a lot of the photographs in version B so version A is better executed." Key explained the difference between the two versions while looking at the album 10Asia brought to the interview.

The five boys, who had prepped for their new album "Lucifer" starting when their second mini-album "Juliet" was made, were able to experience every process this time around including singing, dancing, styling and even the photos to go into the album's jacket, and it seemed to have had an important influence on SHINee's current state. While making a single album, they came to understand the process through which an album is created and started to find their unique color which was rich enough to fill all the tracks on the new record with their harmonies.

Their such efforts may not appeal to the public immediately but as 'a group doing music,' it may be prove to be an asset which will guarantee SHINee's next few years. The young men talked about their music and dreams as of now, as idols and musicians.

10: Let's go straight to talking about your album. Which song do you like best from it?
Key: "Electric Heart." It's written by Hitchhiker. I don't think a song of that genre would have been able to make it into an album was it not for this album.
Onew: It has a different vibe to it. I like "Your Name." I wrote it. (laugh)
Jonghyun: For me, "Yok [translated into 'obsession']".
(All laugh.)
Jonghyun: Well, it does have a bit to do with me having written the lyrics for it, (laugh) but I have always liked the song. It's been a while since we've recorded the song and I have said I really like it a lot.
Taemin: "Life." It's a peaceful ballad.

10: What about you, Minho? Is it not "Ak [translated into 'Shout Out']" by any chance? I think it may suit you since it goes with your nickname 'firey charisma.' (laugh) There's a lot of rap in it too.
SHINee: Ak! Ak!
Minho: No. I like "Lucifer."

10: The reason I ask this is because you released a full-length album this time and all 13 songs on it are new songs. It's something that happens rarely these days so I think the process of making the album itself must have been meaningful to you.
Jonghyun: That's true. We've participated more in the makings of this album than in the past and we talked a lot with the directorial staff for it.
Key: I felt very happy upon hearing that they wouldn't include title tracks from our previous albums into this album. A lot of full-length releases these days contain songs from previous records and this may make the album to go in a direction different from what we had intended.

10: In particular, it seemed that there are a variety of genres in this album but you gave a uniformity to it with your harmonies. That means you must've needed to spend a lot of time together.
Jonghyun: Yes. Every member had to understand each song very well so we talked with the director of each song a lot in terms of comprehending the lyrics or beats. And when we recorded the songs, we didn't all record at the same together in the booth but did so after listening to the singing and vocal style of the member who sang ahead of me. Even when recording the chorus, we'd compile on what the main vocalist has sung and everyone would match their vibration to each other. We listened to each other a lot.
Key: We all figure it out after listening to each other. On what we each have to do. It's your own loss if the harmony turns out bad. (laugh) Certain songs suit certain members and we all know that so there's an understanding we share when it comes to that as well. There is no need for dispute. Our voices have never not suited a song or stood out when we're practicing. Everybody is different so it shows better as well.
Onew: When we're looking at every detail, we even pay attention to each breath we take and the points we need to focus on. Instead of saying, "I'll do this and that at this part" we say "You do this part. I'll do this part."

10: I think that's more an issue of how you live together than music. You would have to know each other well even for singing the harmonies.
Key: We're not the type to go looking for our members whenever something happens but we share everything that we have to. Even if we do get into disputes, we don't ever end them on a bad note. Of course, there's five of us so it's impossible not to get into disputes but we don't fight or hurt each other's feelings. And that's how we get to know about each other better.
Jonghyun: You just need to stay alert. We need to be very focused when rehearsing. We'd rest separately then give it our everything when we're together. (laugh) I don't know if this is unique of our team but I think we distinguish our work and personal life. And I think that rather has a positive influence on us. We're pretty quiet at home because nothing in particular happens which I think helps us accept each other for who we are.
Onew: It's an area of ceasefire. (laugh)

10: Then are there also ways in which you influence each other? When I met you last year, Minho liked soccer and Key like to shop, which shows you were very different from each other.
Key: I was simple-minded just two years ago. I was only a junior in high school. If someone is different from me, I'd think that but not find any strengths about that person. But I've come to realize after living with these guys for two years that being different doesn't mean there is nothing to learn from them. (laugh) I think we would have rather fought a lot if we were too similar. (laugh) Anyway, is there something that... we learn? (laugh)
Minho: We don't fight. (laugh) It's been almost three years since we've lived together but in the beginning, there were many times I'd think 'that's not my style' when I look at Key. (laugh) But by living with him, the more I get to know and understand him, the more we're coming to understand each other better because of our differences. For example, Key has his own sense of fashion but I'll ask him when I'm buying clothes. And the same goes for music. We'll have each other listen to what the other person likes. I think we're getting to know each other in a better way.

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