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[INTERVIEW] Boy band SHINee - Part 4

From left, SHINee members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Taemin and Key. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

10: Taemin, how is it being with the other members of the group who are all older than you?
Taemin: I'm becoming like them. It's not good.
Minho: Taemin wasn't able to adjust to us in the beginning but he's turned out to be the funniest after he adjusted. And it's not because he makes jokes but he makes us laugh in everyday life.
Jonghyun: His life is like a sitcom. The five of us all living together in itself is like a sitcom.
Minho: It's the most like that when he loses something. Once we came home and Taemin was looking for his bag, saying he left it in front of the door because it had been heavy. So I asked him where the first place was that he went to when he came home and he said it was his room. So we went to his room and it turns out his bag and mobile phone are there. He then said, "Oh, why is this here?"
Taemin: Oh, I even saw a ghost recently. A ghost of Onew.

10: A ghost?
Taemin: I'm sure I saw Onew in the living room and then I needed to go to the bathroom so I opened the door to it. But it was locked so I said, "Minho, Minho" but it turns out Onew was inside!
SHINee: ......
Key: Next question please.
Jonghyun: It's because he's tired.

10: Let's talk about music. I think your group has become able to broaden the range of music you do through this album. Is there a particular genre of music you want to do as a member of SHINee?
Jonghyun: Soul. Because we've never done that sort of music before. Or rock or metal? A man just has to do some metal. (laugh)
Onew: Because there's more we can do, there's a song that wasn't released this time around but it contains electronica, hip-hop, ballad and reggae. I'm also writing ballad songs these days as well.

10: What about you, Taemin?
Taemin: I guess a dance number would be good to be used as a title track. And I want to try a quiet ballad as well. I'd also going to make sure to include Minho's narration to the beginning of the song. (laugh)
Minho: I'm not going to do it anymore. (laugh) For me, our team has been doing various genres up till now so I actually want us to try doing something that's more common than drastically different.

10: Minho, being in charge of the rap, how was it working on it this time around? For hip-hop songs, the rap is the center of the song whereas for dance songs, the rap is used to connect melodies and you have to write it so that it goes with the rhythm rather than being able to focus on the lyrics themselves.
Minho: I think there were many cases where people thought the lyrics were difficult to understand when I write them to go with the rhythm. So I wanted to be as easy as possible but it was quite difficult working on the rap for "Lucifer." I even had to have parts of the rap be in different tones depending on the rhythm. It was hard having to write the lyrics to go with the rhythm yet make sure it delivers as well as possible. Plus, the song itself was a very fast number but the rap has to be even faster so it was difficult. My rap also had to connect the melodies while lifting the mood so it was also tough trying to show this in a dramatic way.

10: Key, what music would you want to try doing if you could do the producing?
Key: I'm hoping I won't be given that responsibility. I might end up going with too much of only my own work. But if there were one or two songs I'd like to try making for an album, you know how there are a lot of songs that are fun even though there isn't much singing in them, like David Guetta, right? I want to try something like that.

10: You'd like the clubs in France then.
Key: I love those types of songs. So I think I'd want to try a couple like those for a full-length release.

10: Like so, since every member has various tastes, I think you'll also each think different thoughts. What sort of group do you want to become from working on this album?
Onew: The Himalayas. Everybody knows what the Himalayas or South Pole are. And you immediately know what they're like. I want us to become like that too.
Jonghyun: Did he really have to compare us to the Himalayas? (laugh)
Onew: I needed a proper noun. (laugh)
Jonghyun: I just hope we're a team that continues to grow. Constantly develops.
Onew: I want to grow taller as well.
Jonghyun: Yes, of course you do. (laugh) I also want us to become a team that can self-develop the concept we can express naturally rather than setting on a fixed concept and focus on expressing just that.

10: I think you've sort of gotten onto taking that path after this album.
Jonghyun: We've finally started up. I think that's crucial to teams.
Taemin: I still haven't figured out our members nor myself. (laugh) You know, I'm quite young. We're still in the beginning sages and haven't been able to show everything that we have. So I'm hoping we'll be able to do more of that in the future. Of course, I'd like us to reach the top and I'll always try hard till we do.

10: You said in another interview that you want to earn tens of billions of dollars. So till you make that much money?
Key: No, hundred of billions. (laugh)
Onew: I think Taemin said he wants to make enough to get on the boat in film "2012" should a similar incident occur. (laugh)
Minho: I think we haven't been able to show everything that we have to the audience. And we'll also improve with time. Those are the sort of things I want to show.
Key: I was thinking that I would like this album to somewhat 'be worth buying' and I think we achieved that goal to a certain extent in terms of the number of songs, that they're all new and we put a lot of effort into taking the photographs as well. I think we fulfilled our goal of making an album that can show who we are instead of it being an album that is released for the sake of us appearing in public. I'm hoping we'll continue to make songs that many people will acknowledge. And I'm also thinking I'd like us to break certain record scores that other people have set.
Jonghyun: Everybody has such big dreams.
Onew: And we're very greedy. I guess our album this time is worth buying. (laugh)
Jonghyun: Of course it's worth buying! (laugh)

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Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@

Source: Asiae
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