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[INTERVIEW] Boy band SHINee - Part 3

From left, SHINee members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Taemin and Key. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

10: Weren't "Up & Down" or "Your Name" the songs that in particular show where SHINee stands right now? They weren't neither ballads nor dance numbers and there were many parts in "Your Name" which you guys filled with harmonies.
Jonghyun: That's right. They were fun [to work on]. "Your Name" is a song we had recorded since preparing "Juliet." And there's a lot of harmonies in it. About 60 tracks on average are recorded for the vocals for a song but there were about 140 for "Your Name." That's how much harmonies and vocals there were in it and we put in that much more effort into it. I'm not saying the sound was weak -- it was our a cappella, ad-libs and sounds of breathing that could bring out the song.
Key: I think "Up & Down" and "Your Name" were songs that were very necessary for this album. I was thinking that our image would become too fixed without the two songs. Fans could see us in just one light if we had a title song like "Lucifer" and they could also think why buy an album which has so many similar songs? It was important that we include a lot of our own color into the two songs.

10: But that's why SHINee this time seemed different from before. Some responded it could be better to maintain the color you had from before.
Jonghyun: We know there was response that we had lost the innocence from when we sang "Replay" and were continuing to sing dark songs. But we wanted to express the various songs in our style and we're satisfied with it in our own way. We also want to take the various opinions into account and improve. I personally don't like reproduction.
Onew: Because we think an album shows how we progress.

10: Don't you ever think that you also find your own voices in the process? I think you'd be able to think about your voice while harmonizing for various genres of music.
Onew: That's right. There were several genres so we were able to make various attempts. We could sound more piercing in "Lucifer" and more soft for "Your Name." And after making such attempts, I think there is more we can do now. And rather than singing songs which have limits, we like to be able to express in the way we want to. Sing as we please, in the way the songs would sound good. Maybe that's why our singing skills don't improve. We should focus on one thing but we keep going at several things so we're improving bit by bit, but it's worrisome. (laugh)

10: Onew, you seem to open your vocal chords completely when doing musicals. Has doing musicals influenced the way you sing?
Onew: Rather than the musicals having an influence, I did a bit of working out to manage my physical strength while doing musicals, which I think helped more. (laugh)

10: Key, unlike Onew or Jonghyun, it seems that you focused on singing the songs in a stylish way. I noticed that seems to be the case more so these days after seeing you sing "Boom Boom Pow" on "Muzit."
Key: I prefer songs like "Boom Boom Pow" to slow songs. And I think my voice is in the process of changing. That's why I sometimes wonder whether the voice that has been recorded for the song is my best voice but many people around me have helped me in that aspect. So that's the direction I've been going in.

10: What do you think is SM's color?
Key: I think it's extremely diverse now.
Jonghyun: Hmm, the basics because I think everyone is very strong when it comes to the basics -- the choreography, appearance and wardrobe. It's as if everyone starts with the basics down. I've felt this from when I was a trainee but our lessons were always about the basics. We used to practice vocalizing and bounce everyday.

10: That's what I've been curious about. How on earth did they train to be able to dance in such uniformity as they do? (laugh)
Onew: We undergo very systematic training.
Jonghyun: We really do. We repeat the basics. I underwent vocal training for three years.
Onew: I didn't take vocalization classes. (laugh)
Jonghyun: You came in a little late so you missed the timing to. But maybe I had to do it for three years because I was bad at singing. (laugh)

10: In a video of your "SMTOWN" show that fans have taken and posted on the web, the scene where Taemin dances with his seniors was impressive. The video was shot from far away but I could still tell it was you from far away because your movements were so exact and refined.
Taemin: I consider lines to be important for motion. And maybe it's also because I'm so skinny. (laugh)

10: You're allowed to say you have a good physique. (laugh) Taemin, has your body still growing had an influence on your vocals or dancing? It seems that your voice has become stronger.
Taemin: Many people have been telling me that rather than me feeling it myself. But people have also been telling me that I have a youthful voice.
Onew: I think Taemin has gotten better because he practices a lot.

10: You seemed to dance right on beat for "Lucifer." (laugh) Do you think you've started to find your style?
Taemin: When I learn choreography, I try to dance in a way that is most similar to the vibe that the choreographer wants. But this time, the choreography was dynamic while the beats are very strong so I just rehearsed as much as I could in a straightfoward manner.

10: How was is dancing the moves for "Lucifer"? You have to keep cutting off the beats so it must've been complicated to even rehearse the moves.
Taemin: We had a hard time learning the choreography because it was the most difficult that we've ever done while the song was fast. So it was hard to memorize and the style of choreography was... should I say old-school? When we do the group dance, we look at each other's motions, point out what we need to work on making uniform, even down to every finger.
Minho: Everyone is looking at each other. (laugh)

10: But from other concerts, it seemed like you like to sing while playing the piano. You also said you like New Age music. Are you usually quiet?
Taemin: I'm actually quite the introvert.
Jonghyun: Yeah right.
(All laugh)
Onew: No look. He's not done talking. (laugh)
Taemin: I'm an introvert in front of people I've met for the first time but I become very lively when I become close with them.

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