Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kim Hee Chul, Gill: 'Our Entertainment Idol is Haha'

Boy band Super Junior's Kim Hee-chul shared his special ties with Gill, a member of the duo rap band Leessang.

KBS 2TV's "All-Night Nocturnal Variety Show" featured a World Cup special edition on Sunday. Seven members of Super Junior (Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook) cames out as guests. Heechul had just finished taping "Music Bank" and he was wearing sunglasses and Gill told him to take them off inside.

Heechul took them off, saying, "I prepared these shades in light of the meaning of this late night show, but I guess I'll just take them off."

Gill gave a witty response, "Look at the world as it is and not with glasses on."

Heechul praised Gill's smooth talk, and said he is about 20 percent responsible for fostering Gill's comedic skills. Gill agreed, saying he did learn a lot from Heechul and that they share the same entertainment teacher.

Gill says the two were taught by singer Haha, known to be extremely funny, on how to entertain people on talk shows. The two would spend days at Haha's for "training."

When MC Sin Dong-yeob asked Siwon how Super Junior members thought of his drama role, Siwon gave a heavy, serious response, to which Heechul said he cannot talk that way and that he should be funny.

Also on the show, director Jang Hang-jun tried memorizing the names of all the Super Junior members. When MC Yun Jong-sin asked who Ryeowook was, Jang said, "It's too easy," but pointed to Donghae. Then the two boys, distraught, sprang up from their seats and tried to leave. Jang was embarrassed but everyone laughed.

Writer: Honorary reporter Kim Min-ha

Source: KBS
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