Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taeyang, “Because I have G-Dragon, my closest friend, I am confident”

G-Dragon, on Supporting Fire for TaeYang Comeback
On Big Bang Tae Yang’s stage on July 1st, G-Dragon will be up there with him.
This is because G-dragon did rap featuring for Tae Yang’s first full album title song ‘I need a Girl’.

G-Dragon’s friendship and compassion for Tae Yang is not ordinary. Time to time in interviews, G-Dragon praised Tae Yang saying things like “Tae Yang is someone much better me” “you can’t compare me to him” and awhile ago on his me2day, he posted a picture of him wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I need a girl’, title song of Tae Yang’s album, and etc., he personally marketed Tae Yang’s new album and showed their tight friendship.

Tae Yang also says “Because I have G-Dragon, my closest friend, I am confident.” G-dragon has featured in the title song for rap, but also have participated in the composing and lyric writing of the song ‘After you asleep’ in this album.

Tae Yang said “It is a comeback stage in a very long time, so I am very nervous, but because I have G-Dragon by my side, I am much more reassured. I will prepare well to give a good performance on stage”.

On the other hand, Tae Yang will have a stage starting on cable channel Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on July 1st, MBC ‘Music Core’ and SBS ‘Popular Song’ and G-Dragon will be on stage together.

Source: Asia Economy
Trans Credits: rim21c@21BANGS.com 
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